Zong Free Internet Codes (10GB,50GB,80GB) + VPN Trick

In Pakistan, Zong is providing free internet to its users through its 4G network. In this, we will give you the unlimited trick as to how you can use unlimited 4G Zong free internet code without any charge by using any of these tricks.

You can definitely find 24/7 unlimited internet packages for you and enjoy the free YouTube streaming too. Zong is allowing everyone to use 4G internet free of cost, but you should be aware that this offer is only for short while and will not be available throughout the year 2022.

Zong Free Internet Codes

Zong Free Internet Codes Working

Try these codes to get zong internet for free on your SIM. If the codes are not working then comment down. i will update you with new code.

  1. zong 80GB free internet code: *565*1*8#
  2. zong internet code 2023 50 GB: *215*55*1#
  3. zong 10GB free: *900*10*28#
  4. 1GB Free code: *555*4*12#

Zong 80GB Free Internet Code

With this new Zong offer, You can get 80GB of free internet data. You can use these MBs in any way, there are no time limits and service restriction. If you have a Zong SIM and 4G signals, you are good to enjoy with this Zong 80GB free internet code.

Zong 10GB Free Internet Code

Somehow, if 80GB code is not working on your phone, You can try to get 10GB of free internet data with this Zong 10GB free Internet code. Although this code has no time limits but it has some service restrictions. You can only use these MBs for social apps like WhatsApp, Telegram ad Facebook.

Zong Free Internet Code 50 GB

Now you can also get 50GB free internet code for free. Zong free internet code 50GB code will work once in year. So give it a try and you will know, if you are selected for this free promotional offer from Zong or not?

Zong Free Internet Gift

These free internet MBs can be gifted you your friends and family also. You can goft only 1GB data to any number you want. Just dial *555*4*13*number#, where number will be the targets phone number and you are good to go.

Zong 4G Official 600GB Gift

If you are looking for new phone in low budget, You got this chance to win 600GB of 4G internet officially from Zong Pakistan.

You need to buy any smartphone by Zong to avail this offer. Just go to the nearest Zong frenchize and know more details about this offer.

More free internet tricks

A quick recommendation for you:

More tricks to get Zong internet for free:

There are many more ways to get internet for free, if you are using zong network. All of them are listed below. Follow these tricks to get more internet data.


1. Install my Zong app

6GB free internet

You can get 6 GB free data, if you install my Zong app from play store. This offer is valid for first time usage only. Follow these steps to get free 6GB from Zong.

  1. Open Play store.
  2. Search for My Zong.
  3. Click install and wait for installation to finish.
  4. Open My Zong app.
  5. Create new account with your zong number.
  6. After logging in to your account, you will see free 6000MB in app.

2. Daily Rewards:

Daily free internet rewards

The 2nd way to get more free internet date is to use my zong app daily. you can claim free 20MB-500MB for free daily. Follow these steps to use this method.

  1. Open my zong app on your phone.
  2. Click in rewards.
  3. Click on Suffle.
  4. Then click on any bubble.
  5. You will get congratulation message with free internet data.

Note: Use this daily to get more 3G/4G internet like 500MB etc.

3. Zong New SIM Offer:

Zong new SIM offer free internet

Zong is offering a complete package for new SIM owners. You will get 2GB internet, 1GB for WhatsApp, 1GB for Facebook and 1000 Zong minutes fro 7 days.

To activate this offer follow these steps:

  1. After activating SIM, Dial *10#.
  2. Wait for the confirmation message. Offer will be activated.

4. Zong free VPN trick:

Free Internet VPN Trick

To use internet for free with VPN, follow these steps:

  1. Open Play store.
  2. Search for Yoga VPN.
  3. Download and install this VPN.
  4. Open it and connect.
  5. Now download UC Mini.
  6. You will get free browsing internet with UC Mini.

Zong Unlimited Free Internet Trick 2023

Zong internet packages are divided into two categories that are Zong 2G internet packages and Zong 3G/4G internet packages.

Zong Unlimited free internet trick

Zong’s free internet trick is for you if you are Zong prepaid user. Use the Zong free internet code and get free internet on the Zong network in Pakistan. Free internet on Zong is possible if you have a Zong sim card.

You can get free internet on Zong sim by using Zong’s free internet code. This is one of the easiest methods to get free internet on a Zong sim card.

You don’t need to recharge your mobile phone to get free internet on the Zong network because we will use the song sim activation code to get it without balance and without load. Follow this post to see how you can get free internet on Zong in Pakistan.

The need for an internet connection is getting bigger day by day. Whether you are a student, a job holder, or a businessman everyone needs to stay connected with the world. That’s why the telecom companies have introduced multiple types of internet packages for you. So that you can choose any one of them according to your need and get Zong unlimited free Internet data on your mobile phone.

Zong Free MB Code

Here we told you all the tricks to use the Internet for free. You can also use any of these methods to get free internet on any network. You only have to change a few settings on your mobile phone, after which you will be able to get free internet. You can easily use the Internet for free on Zong. But let’s tell you that using these tricks is not only against the law, but it will also damage your mobile phone, so we do not recommend using such tricks.

How to get free internet on the Zong network in Pakistan without balance?

To use free internet on Zong you have to just open youtube and play any video. After that it will automatically ask you that your data pack is finished, we have a plan for you, do you want to subscribe to it. Now click on the no thanks option. After that Youtube will open with full speed like 2G, 3G, 4G LTE. You can also use free browsing on Facebook and Whatsapp by this trick.

How To Get 6gb From My Zong App?

Only new users who are not already registered on my Zong app can get 6GB of free internet data from this app by creating new account.

Now you can enjoy the best quality internet totally free of cost without being charged to your account balance. Thank you for being here.

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