Ufone Balance Save Code

This article will be very helpful for Ufone customers concerned with saving their Ufone balance. The Ufone Balance Save Service is explained in detail in this article. If the user subscribes to any of the Ufone internet packages or Ufone call packages, the Ufone balance save code allows them to save their balance from additional dedication.

Ufone Balance Save Code

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Using the ufone balance save code while using internet, subscribers can lock their load on their SIM cards. You can save your Ufone balance while using the internet.

Offer NameUfone Balance Save CodeActivation Charges
Ufone Balance Save Service*6611#Rs. 0.05 (excl. tax)

Follow these steps step by step to hide your Ufone load in a lock or doosra balance account if you want to lock your load in your second secret account.

  1. The Ufone Balance can be saved by dialing Ufone Balance Save Code: *6611#
  2. Please reply with 1 to save the balance
  3. The balance lock subscription will be confirmed by SMS.
  4. Congrats! The balance of your Ufone SIM card has been saved in your second account.

Service Charges

Service Charges

There is a charge of PKR 0.05 for this service, excluding tax. If subscribers lock their Ufone balance through a lock code on their doosra account, they are required to pay the required amount at all times.

When all Ufone internet subscribers turn on their data, their balance is deducted in the same way. As a result, the network launched the best-ever Ufone service that saves users’ balances while they surf the web.

When a user browses without a data package, the network gets confused about whether he has purchased an internet package or not. Therefore, while using a data package, user balances are deducted. A secret code has been launched by the network so that the balance in the SIM card doosra account can’t be accessed by any unauthorized person.

Customers in Pakistan have the option of saving their balance by dialing a specific code if they feel their balance has been deducted unnecessarily.

What is the reason for the deduction from your Ufone balance?

reason of deduction

It is common for subscribers to be unaware of why their Ufone balance is deducted. This may be due to the fact that you subscribe to one internet package but use other services on that same data package. You may also be getting notifications from other applications because you left your internet data on. With the Ufone balance lock code, you can now save your balance.

All Ufone subscribers experiencing balance loss are provided with the balance lock code. Your balance can be easily locked free of charge by dialing the Ufone balance locking code. Besides Ufone, other telecom operators in Pakistan also offer balance-saving services. Below are the balance save codes offered by other Pakistani telecom operators if you are not a Ufone customer:

What is Ufone Balance Save Service?

Balance Save Service

In the ufone ka balance save code you are able to prevent your balance from being deducted while using cellular services. To use this service, you simply need to dial the Ufone data saver code from your Ufone SIM card.

It is possible to save your balance from deduction with Ufone’s balance service.

Withdraw Saved Balance to Use Again

Withdraw Saved Balance

You can easily withdraw your saved balance from your Ufone Saver account by dialing the subscribing code again. Subscribers will automatically transfer the saved balance into their main account if they dial the subscriber code again to unsubscribe from the current active saver service.

  1. Follow these steps to withdraw the saved balance:
  2. It is necessary to dial the subcode *6611# to withdraw the balance.
  3. You can now withdraw your currently saved balance by replying with 2
  4. It is the same code for both saving and withdrawing a balance.

Save for Future

Save for Future

This code can prove to be the best solution for all mobile phone users. It is an old saying that a man should keep essential things for his future use.

Terms and Conditions:

Terms and Conditions:

Both prepaid and postpaid customers can use Ufone Balance Save Service.

Visit the official website of Ufone for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Subscribe Ufone Balance Save Code?

Enter the Ufone balance save code and press 1 to subscribe To see the new balance save code, read the full post.

How To Save Balance In Ufone?

You can easily save your balance by using Ufone balance save code. Open the post to see the balance save code for Ufone.



Our blog has posted all network’s balance save codes and their complete tricks to guide our visitors. In the end, we owe a huge thanks to all telecom networks in Pakistan for providing such services.

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