Telenor Whatsapp Package Monthly Code

Are you looking for an affordable and reliable way to stay connected with your friends and loved ones through WhatsApp?

Look no further! Telenor, a leading telecommunications company, offers a variety of WhatsApp packages that cater to your specific needs.

In this blog post, we will be discussing the Telenor WhatsApp package monthly code, which allows you to enjoy unlimited WhatsApp usage of 4000 MB for a full month at an unbeatable price. Keep reading to find out how you can activate this package and start messaging, calling, and sharing media with your contacts today!

Telenor Whatsapp Package Monthly Code

Complete Details

The monthly WhatsApp package code is *247#. The offer details are given below.

Offer NameInternet (MBs)ValidityFee/CostActivation Code
Telenor WhatsApp package monthly code2000 MB or 4000 MB (based on your location)30 daysRs. 1 incl. tax*247#

If these resources is not enough for you, just try out Telenor free internet codes to enjoy some internet data for free.

With the Telenor monthly WhatsApp package (which was 25 rupees before and is now only for 1 rupee), you have the ability to stay connected with your friends and family through various means of communication. Not only can you make video and voice calls, but you can also share and download videos, upload your status, share memes, and send voice notes. This comprehensive package includes the following features:

  • Video and voice calls
  • Video sharing and downloading
  • Picture sharing
  • Text and voice messaging Don’t miss out on the convenience and versatility of the Telenor monthly WhatsApp package.

Telenor Monthly Whatsapp Package Activation Code


The Activation code of the Telenor monthly WhatsApp package is as follows:

  • Telenor Whatsapp Package Monthly Code: *247#

Telenor Whatsapp Package Monthly Unsubscribe Code

Unsubscribe Code

As this package is not auto-recurring, You don’t have to unsubscribe from this WhatsApp package. If for some other purpose you want to unsubscribe then dial Telenor whatsapp package monthly unsubscribe code: *147#.

Offer Eligibility

Offer Eligibility

All Telenor Prepaid customers are eligible to subscribe to the Telenor monthly WhatsApp package.

If you are a Telenor Prepaid customer and have not yet activated internet settings on your device, don’t worry – it’s easy to do so. Simply send an SMS with the word “internet” to the number 131, and you will receive the necessary settings to get connected and start using WhatsApp.

Offer Validity

Offer Validity

It’s important to note that the Telenor monthly WhatsApp package is valid for 30 days from the date of subscription.

Once your package has expired, you will be notified and given the option to renew. This allows you to continuously stay connected with your loved ones through WhatsApp without having to worry about unexpected interruptions in service.

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Here are some additional points to consider when subscribing to the Telenor WhatsApp package monthly code:

  • This offer cannot be resubscribed.
  • Please note that packages are subject to change at any time.
  • When you open or access applications or websites on your device, you will allocate a portion of your available data resources in MBs. If you access another data-consuming app, website, or use case, you may incur charges at the standard rate as all of your available MBs will be allocated to these use cases. You will receive a notification if standard rate charging begins, along with relevant offers to help you avoid further consumption.
  • In order to avoid standard rate charges, you will receive notifications when your data bundle usage reaches 80% and 100%.
  • These data packages are available on 2G, 3G, and 4G networks.
  • Data speeds may vary based on factors such as your phone, the types of URLs you access, your network service provider, your location, and more.
  • If you run out of data resources before your package expires, you will be charged at a rate of Rs 1/MB (inclusive of tax) until your package expires. You can also stop this from happening with this Telenor balance save code.
  • This offer is available to Telenor GSM Prepaid customers.
  • This package will not be renewed once it expires.
  • There are no call setup charges for this package.
  • Prices and resources may vary based on your location.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I subscribe to Telenor WhatsApp monthly?

You can easily subscribe to the monthly Telenor package with the code provided in the post. it only costs you Rs. 1 including tax. Now what? Open the post and check out the code.

What is the code for the monthly WhatsApp package?

The activation code of the WhatsApp monthly package is *247#. More information is within the article.



The Telenor monthly WhatsApp package is an affordable and convenient way to stay connected with your loved ones through the popular messaging platform. With a variety of features such as video and voice calls, video sharing and downloading, picture sharing, and text and voice messaging, you have everything you need to stay in touch.

Plus, with the easy activation process with the help of the Telenor WhatsApp package monthly code and the option to receive internet settings through SMS, getting set up is a breeze. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enjoy unlimited WhatsApp usage for a full month.

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