Telenor New SIM Offer

Telenor has just released its New SIM Offer 2024. With the purchase of a new Telenor 4G Sim, Telenor Prepaid customers can now enjoy free access to 2GB of fast Telenor internet. Telenor New SIM Offer is only available to those who buy a new SIM card. A recharge of Rs. 100 or more will give them 2GB of Bonus Internet per day.

The following is Telenor’s New SIM Offer Code with complete details:

Telenor New SIM Offer Code:

Activation Code

In order to activate the Telenor New SIM Offer, dial *336# or *954#. If you have any SIM that is out of service from last 30 days, you can use SIM lagao offer code to get more free internet and minutes.

Telenor New SIM Free Internet Code:

Free Internet Code

Customers who purchase a new Telenor SIM will receive a bonus of 2GB when they recharge with Rs. 100 or more by activating this Telenor New 4G SIM offer.

Get Telenor New SIM Offer 10GB For Free:

10GB For Free

As described above, you can get 2 GB of data per day from Telenor. This way, in 5 days you can get free 10GB of internet free of cost. By the way, You can also enjoy more free internet by using this Telenor free internet code. How is the trick? Comment down below.

Telenor New Sim Offer Free Minutes

Free Minutes

By activating Telenor’s new SIM offer, users can also get 100 Telenor minutes per day for the next 30 days. This way you can enjoy 3000 free Telenor minutes along with 10GB of internet. You can use Telenor balance save code, so that your rechage balance cannot loose if your data becomes end.

Telenor New Sim Offer Check Code

Check Code

Congrats! You have an active new SIM offer. Now if you want to check the free incentives of this offer, just dial telenor new sim offer check code: *345*66#. This is the easiest way to check the remaining data. You can also use telenor advance balance offer incase you require emergency balance loan.

Eligibility and validity of Telenor’s new SIM offer:

Eligibility and validity

This offer is valid for two days only.

The offer is valid on all Telenor New SIM cards.

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions
  • There will be an additional charge of one paisa for dialing 954#.
  • You will be rewarded for recharging Rs. 100 or more by dialing the activation code (*954#) on the same day.
  • With a recharge of 100 or more, you will get 2GB of data every day. (But only once a day)
  • Only prepaid customers are eligible for Telenor’s New SIM Offer.
  • Using Easypaisa, Retailers, or Franchises, you can recharge from anywhere.
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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Telenor new SIM offer?

If you have newly registered Telenor SIM, you can enjoy free internet and minutes with this Telenor new SIM offer. For more details read full post.

How can I get free Telenor 5gb?

You can easily get 5GB free internet by activatinf this Telenor new SIM offer. Read full post to get complete details of this offer.



If you registered a new Telenor SIM, you can enjoy this free internet and minutes. You just have to dial this new SIM offer code from Telenor. Their complete details are given in this post. Just give it a try!

Incase in any problem activating this offer, you can contact your nearby Telenor franchise or call 345. Alternatively you can also comment below, so we can help you better.

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