Telenor Balance Share Code

With Telenor smart balance share code, you can easily transfer your prepaid credit to your friends and family.

There are some people who have a tendency to help others who are facing any kind of crisis. We consider such people to be gems in our world because of their kind hearts. Is that the kind of person you are? Would you consider yourself to be someone who supports and assists others?

Imagine you are a Telenor customer who has a lot of balance and someone asks you if you can share some with them. It is still possible that you do not know how to share the balance from your phone. We will guide you through it, so don’t worry.

Telenor Balance Share Code

Telenor Balance Share USSD CODE

By using the Telenor smart share feature, you can easily share your balance or credit with your family and friends. You can easily share your Telenor balance with the balance share code below if you have a Telenor sim.

To Share the amount with your friends, just use the code below and follow me.

  • Telenor Balance Share Code: Dial *1*1*923xxxxxxxxx*Amount#
  • The popup will appear for confirmation.
  • Reply with 1 to confirm the transfer.
  • That it. You are done.

For example, you want to send 50 rupees to your friend. Suppose your friend’s number is 0340-1122334. Then you have to dial *1*1*923401122334*50#. Now you will be asked for confirmation. Reply with 1 to confirm the transfer and you are done.

Although this service has some terms and conditions. You can read them below.

Telenor Balance Share Code Charges

Telenor Smart Balance Share Service Fee

As this feature enables us to transfer our mobile balance with others, this service is not free. This service costs you some extra charges. You can check out the charges in the table below.

Service NameTelenor smart balance share
Telenor Balance Share Code*1*1*923xxxxxxxxx*Amount#
FeeRs. 5.98 incl. tax

Telenor’s new Smart share service lets users share Telenor Balance with friends, family, and relatives. By dialing the Telenor Balance share code from your phone, you can also access this service.

You can transfer your phone balance to someone who is out of credit and wants to make a quick call. Using this method, your relatives will not become disconnected from each other and will be able to easily communicate whenever they need to. If you are suffering form irregular balance loss, You can use Telenor balance save code to save your balance.

It is possible to find balance share Karne ka Tarika using a few different methods. Our goal is to provide you with all the options so you can pick one that works best for you.

Telenor Balance Share Code to Jazz

Telenor Balance Share Code to Jazz

Actually, you cannot transfer the balance from Telenor to jazz with any code. You can activate this offer by dialing 345.

Telenor Balance Share Code to Other Network

Telenor Balance Share Code to Other Network

You can use the same code above to share your balance from Telenor to another network. You can also dial 345 and talk to an agent for more information.

Telenor Balance Share Code to Zong

Telenor Balance Share Code to Zong

If you want to share your Telenor balance with your Zong SIM, you can dial the code above to continue and follow the steps described above.

Telenor Balance Share To Easypaisa Account

Telenor Balance Share Code to Easypaisa Account

You can also transfer your mobile balance to your Easypaisa account. It is to be noted that both things must be registered against your CNIC. You can get more details from Telenor helpline.

Terms and Conditions

Telenor Balance Share Code Terms
  • This service is only available for Telenor prepaid customers.
  • You have to share a balance between 20 to 200 rupees.
  • The amount received can only be used for Voices, SMS, or digital services.
  • The balance will be valid for the same time.
  • You can do 10 transactions in a day.
  • No refund will be issued in case of accidental transfers.


Conclusion for Telenor Balance Share Code

Telenor’s smart balance share feature enables you to transfer your prepaid balance to your friends and family. This all can be done by using the Telenor balance share code. You can follow the guidelines in the article to complete the transfer successfully.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Share Balance From Telenor To Telenor?

You can share your balance easily by dialing *1*1*923xxxxxxxxx*amount#. You can see the example in the article.

How Can I Transfer My Mobile Balance To Other Mobile?

If both mobile phones have Telenor SIMS, you can transfer by dialing *1*1*923xxxxxxxxx*amount#.

How We Can Transfer Balance From Telenor To Jazz?

You can dial 345 and call to Telenor customer helpline to get activated for this feature.

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