Telenor Advance Code

It is a facility offered by Telenor to its prepaid customers in emergency situations in which they require a balance. You can be in an emergency situation where you need to send an SMS or make a call urgently without having a sufficient balance, and you can’t access a store at that moment.

Whenever you feel hopeless, your only option is to obtain a Telenor advance loan balance or use the Telenor Balance Share code to come out of this situation. With Telenor, you can easily receive a sufficient advance in order to meet your emergency situation needs.

What is Telenor Advance Code?

Telenor Advance Code Complete Details

Telenor Loan Code is *0#. Here we will discuss how to get a Telenor Advance Loan. The Telenor SIM Advance Balance service, called EMERGENCY LOAD, can be used if your Telenor balance has been exhausted.

Offer NameTelenor Emergency Load (30 rupees)
Activation Code*0#
Fee/ChargesRs. 6.5 incl. tax (on Next Load)

Get Emergency Loan On Telenor

How to Get Telenor Advance Code

You can get the emergency balance loan from Telenor instantly if you follow these steps:

  1. Dial *0# from your phone dialer.
  2. After this, a confirmation screen will appear.
  3. You will get 30 rupees instantly in your balance account.
  4. Enjoy! You can use this balance to meet your emergency needs.

Telenor Avance Loan Check Code

Telenor Advance Balance Check Code

You can check the remaining loan balance with the standard Telenor balance check code.

  • Dial *444# or call 555 to get the remaining balance status.
  • Use the balance save code if you are getting rapid loss of mobile balance.

More about Telenor Advance Load Code

More Details on Telenor Advance Code

Furthermore, Telenor is a Pakistan Mobile company. 4G high-speed internet services are provided by Telenor Pakistan to the Pakistani market for calls, SMS, and internet services.

More than a decade ago, Telenor entered the Pakistani telecommunications market. Over the past couple of years, it has proven to be one of Pakistan’s top mobile service providers for all three cellular spectrums, including 2G, 3G, and 4G.

Find out what Telenor has to offer in terms of prepaid packages for your mobile communication needs. Take advantage of Telenor’s value-added services at the most affordable prices. There are a variety of promotions and offers available from Telenor.

Now you can get a loan of Rs. 30 with Telenor Advance Balance or Telenor Emergency Load. You will be charged a monthly fee for the service if you successfully recharge your Djuice or Talkshawk account.

Telenor Advance UnSub Code

Telenor Advance unsubscribe Code

If you want to unsubscribe from a Telenor advance emergency loan, there is no need to do it. Because this is not a recurring package.

Telenor SMS and 100MB Loan Code

Telenor Advance SMS and 100MB Code

Actually, there is no direct offer of a Telenor SMS advance code or Telenor 100 internet MB loan. However, you can first get a 30 rupees loan by dialing *0#. Then activate the 100 MB package of small SMS package to continue using SMS and internet services. Furthermore, you can use the Telenor free internet code to use the internet for free. Try your luck! Who knows?

Terms and Conditions

Telenor Advance Code Terms & Condition
  • Your account will be credited with Rs. 30 as soon as this is completed.
  • For Telenor’s advance Balance loan code, you will be charged Rs. 6.5
  • The service is also only available to customers who are on prepaid packages.
  • You are only allowed to receive one advance of Rs. 30 per recharge
  • There is a service charge of Rs. 6.5. There will therefore be a deduction of Rs. 36.5 from the next recharge.
  • The current loan + service charges must be repaid before you may request another loan.
  • To use this service, there is no minimum balance requirement, the only requirement is that you must have cleared all previous loans.
  • On the first successful recharge of the Telenor Advance Loan, the loan will be repaid. Charges will be deducted upon recharge.
  • There is a 30-day validity period for Telenor Advance Balance amounts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Telenor Advance Code faq

What Is Telenor Double Advance Code?

You can only use the Telenor Advance code once. If you want to do it again then you have to repay the existing loan first.

What Are The Charges For Telenor Advance Emergency Loan Code?

The dialing code itself has no charges. But you have to pay the service fee (Rs. 6.5 incl tax) when you repay your loan on the next recharge.

Can I Request For Another Emergency Load If I Have Still Not Cleared The First Amount?

No, you cannot request for another loan if you haven`t paid the previous loan amount.

How Can I Check Details About My Emergency Load Balance?

You can dial *444# to check more details of your balance.

What Is The Validity Of Telenor Advance Loan?

The Advance Loan from Telenor will only be valid for 30 days.


Conclusion on Telenor Advance Code

Telenor Advance Code is a very helpful feature for Telenor prepaid users. If you are out of balance and you need an urgent loan to call someone, you can use the code provided in this blog post.

If you have any kind of issues using these codes or require any help, you can comment below.

Have a nice day!

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