Jazz Free Internet Codes (80GB/50GB) + Free MBs VPN Trick

The Jazz Free Internet Code– 3G/4G Unlimited Internet – Free 50 GB for all Networks –Free 50 GB Internet will enable you to access the internet on any mobile device in Pakistan. Get free gift of 80GB/50GB internet from Jazz 4G.

Get new working jazz free internet codes of 80GB, 50GB, and MBs. Use this unlimited free gift for 4g internet and youtube package on jazz.

jazz free internet code 2022 gift

Jazz 80GB Free Internet Code:

  • Here is the activation code for free 80 GB internets from Jazz. *179*3*80#

Jazz Free Internet Offer Code 50 GB:

  • Here is the activation code for free 50 GB internets from Jazz. *179*3*50#

All network free internet code: A quick recommendation for you:

Jazz Free Internet Package Code Unlimited Gift Offer:


  • Type *5555# and after press 1 and active free gift offer.
  • Charges of the Offer: 0
  • Offer Validity: 2 Days
  • Offer Info:1 GB +Youtube+WhatsappFacebook
  • Enjoy Free Internet on Jazz.

Mobilink Free Internet Settings:

You can also use free internet on Mobilink jazz 4G. Here are the steps to do free internet settings.

  1. Go to settings > SIM settings.
  2. Click on your Jazz SIM.
  3. Now go to APN settings.
  4. Click on create new APN.
  5. Set the name as “Jazz ilmiPakistan”
  6. Set APN as “jazzconnect.mobilinkworld.com”
  7. Set port as 80
  8. APN type as “default” only.
  9. Save and select it. 
  10. Restart your phone and turn on mobile data to use free internet on jazz.

Jazz VPN Free Internet Trick:

You can also use free internet using some VPNs. Some VPN will work, mostly not. 

Make sure that you download the mentioned VPN and try it.

  1. Go to Google Play Store.
  2. Search for “Stark VPN
  3. Install it.
  4. Connect with Mobilink Indonesia server.
  5. Enjoy you free internet now :).

Jazz Eid Gift 80GB Code:

This eid Mobilink Jazz has sent an offer to its users. This offer will be available to all users registered after May 2022. Use these steps to get you a free internet package with this eid gift offer.

  1. Go to *334*45*22*5#
  2. Again type 1 and send.
  3. You will receive a confirmation message in 5 minutes with free internet.

Jazz Free YouTube Code 2022:

After all these tricks, I am also giving free youtube code to jazz users. With this offer, you will be able to use 2GB of free youtube every day. That’s enough for a normal person. Here are a few steps to activate it. Give it a try.

  1. Goto *5555*13*8#
  2. Select yes I am new.
  3. Select youtube offer.
  4. Make sure that you have no balance.
  5. Then confirm it.
  6. You will get 2GB every day for youtube only for free.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here I give answers to the most asked question about Jazz’s free unlimited 4G internet code.

How To Use Free Internet On Mobilink Jazz?

You can use jazz free 4G internet with some methods. Like as using free internet gift codes, using VPN tunnels, APN internet settings, etc. All of them are mentioned and discussed here. 

How To Get Jazz Free MBs?

You can get Jazz free MBs from the methods mentioned above. Here i discussed more then 5 ways to use free internet.

How Can I Get Free 50GB Jazz?

You can check the 50GB free internet code mentioned above. This will be the way to get free 50GB.

How To Check Jazz Free MBs?

After free internet activations, You can check your remaining usage for free from Jazz World mobile app.

More Information about Jazz:

Jazz is a wireless telecommunication company that markets mobile phone services and internet access. In 1994, this company was established in Pakistan on a joint venture with the name Mobilink. That year, Egypt purchased Motorola incorporation’s shares and the name changed to Jazz. This name merged with the jazz warid telecommunication company which currently has over 30 million subscribers in Pakistan. Jazz 4G provides free internet access to all of its customers.

Jazz and Warid have, together, about 50 million customers. Many people want to join this network because they can get faster internet there. However, their packages are more expensive than other networks’. We will provide you with the Mobilink Jazz Free Internet Tips and Tricks which are 100 % real and working to get free internet on any network in Pakistan.

Enjoy your free gift of the internet from jazz and ilmiPakistan. Thank you.

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