Jazz Balance Save Code 2022 (Complete Details)

In this article, we’ll discuss the Jazz balance save code that’s recently been launched by Mobilink Jazz. This is an amazing balance lock service that helps customers keep their phone bills under control by locking their balances whenever they don’t use their phones enough. So if you’re also experiencing a deduction from your phone bill, check out How to save your Jazz balance.

We’d like to talk about why Jazz launched this service. You may have noticed that your sim balance has been deducted without any notice or subscription, even if you’re not using the data service. It can happen because you may be using the internet without having an internet package.

Jazz is a worldwide music streaming service that has more than 68 million loyal customers in thousands of cities. And Jazz is constantly improving its people-to-people contacts and capacity, making it easier for people to connect with one another. For these people, Jazz always tries to come up with the best offers and services that can help their customers.

To save your Jazz balance, activate this Jazz balance save code. If you forget to turn off your data service after the internet package expires or you turned on the data service while having zero internet data MBs left. You can also checkout jazz free internet code to get some free MBs. here are details of the Jazz balance save code.

Jazz Balance Save Code Details

Offer NameJazz Balance Save Code
Subscription Code*275#
Unsubscribe Code*275*4#
Subscription FeeRs.0
Validity30 Day (Auto Renew)

This is a simple code that can be used to save balance when you don`t have an internet package and you forgot to turn off your mobile data.

Follow these steps to activate this offer:

  1. Open your Dial phone app.
  2. Type *275# and tap on call.
  3. You will get a confirmation message soon.

You can unsubscribe from this offer by dialling *275*4#. You can check also all Jazz internet packages. Here is another way to save Jazz balance.

If you want to check the remaining internet data, you can use the Jazz MB Check Code.

Save Jazz Balance With Doosra Balance Service

Offer NameDoosra Balance Service
Subscription Code*869#
Unsubscribe Code*869*3#
Balance Deposit Code*869*1#
Balance Withdraw Code*869*2#
Service FeeRs. 1+tax
Save Jazz Balance With Doosra Balance Service

Jazz offers another way to save your balance. This service is called Doosra Balance Service and works in a different way. It creates another balance account on your Jazz sim and transfers your balance to that account. In this way, the balance will be locked and reserved for you.

When you need to restore your balance, simply dial the code again. And by doing so, you can transfer your balance back to your account easily. You can transfer your full or partial balance depending on your choice.

This service is not free as the jazz balance save offer, this will cost you Rs1+tax when you transfer the balance to your main account.

Here are the details of the Jazz doosra account offer:

  • Dial the doosra balance service code *869#
  • After this, you will get a message that you have subscribed to the service.
  • Now, when you will dial it again, you will see three options as shown in the image below
  • Choose your desired option by typing the number
  • You have to pay Rs. 1+tax to transfer your balance to the main account
  • To unsubscribe to this offer dial *869*3#

If you need any help using this offer or want to get in touch with Jazz support team Click here.

By using these offers you don’t need to worry about your balance if your data is turned on by chance. So that you can use your hard earned money to call your friends and family. Also checkout jazz call pakages and jazz SMS packages.

How to subscribe and unsubscribe Jazz balance save service?

Jazz balance save code is *275#. Simply dial *275# and you will receive a confirmation email soon. This service is free of cost. To unsubscribe from this offer simply dial *275*4#.

How to Save Jazz Balance?

Save Jazz balane using *869#. Simply dial *869# and transfer all your balance to doosra balance account by selecting 2. To withdraw your balace type *869*2#. This transfer will cost Rs 1+tax. To deactivate this account, dial *869*3#

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